Artist Name: Gerard Sabaté Lleonart

Tumblr: http://gerardsabatelleonart-me.tumblr.com/

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As American as apple pie. 


As American as apple pie. 

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There are now 2 mass shootings happening a month.
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Teens are invited to explore Jeff Koons: A Retrospective during a free event tomorrow. More info on whitney.org.

Jeff Koons (b. 1955), Olive Oyl, 2003. Oil on canvas; 108 × 84 in. (274.3 × 213.4 cm). Private collection. © Jeff Koons

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I hope everyone is having a great day! Many thanks and love to all of you! xo -Barbara

you go genie!

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true that

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Gary Curtis, from “Excerpts from Autobiography.”

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Body paint artist Emma Fay transforms models into stunningly realistic animals. Here, we look at how she did it

Photos: Emma Fay/Barcroft Media

so cool

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A Dozen Roses: Robert Melee on Photographing His Mother 

As the exhibition title suggests, a dozen Roses, on view at Higher Pictures through August 1st, features twelve images of Melee’s mother, Rose. In these photographs, chosen from an extensive series the artist completed between 1993 and 2004, we encounter the subject engaged in an array of peculiar scenes. In one arresting photograph, she stands naked in a snowy forest wearing thick eyeliner, with her lips blackened and face powdered white. In another, she is dolled up like a drag queen, whooping it up in the passenger seat of a convertible, on a joyride through the cemetery. We also witness her posing on all fours, stationed atop a kitchen table in a slutty negligee with some pots, pans, and a teakettle piled on her back.
I spoke with Robert about the genesis of this work, what it’s like to return to it, and how he got his mother to cooperate in the first place.


my mother my drag queen!

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